We believe that Jesus came to earth to do something incredible… it changed everything. We want to celebrate His arrival with you! So come enjoy Christmas Eve with us. Yes, you are invited!

You’ll find several options for our special Christmas Eve services at both of our churches. We have a special service just for our youngest children (ages 0 – 1st grade), so come ready to celebrate with your whole family.

We can’t wait to celebrate Christmas Eve together.


Dec 23rd @ 5:00pm

Dec 24th @ 3:00pm // 4:30pm // 6:00pm


Dec 23rd @ 5pm

Christmas Services at Real Life!








Advent at Real Life

Advent is a season of celebrating, expecting and anticipating Jesus’s arrival. We’re walking through a 4-week journey, beginning Sunday, Dec 2nd and continuing through Christmas Day of worship, prayer and devotion. You can download our advent guide here or pick up an in-print in one of our services. Let’s spend the Christmas season anticipating Jesus.

What is Advent?

Advent is traditionally a 3-4 week season in December where people who follow Jesus remember and celebrate the events leading up to His birth. The word “advent” means “arrival” and really is about expecting and anticipating Jesus and everything He came to bring.

Why are we doing it?

Christmas can be a very busy season. Sometimes we don’t stop to remember and celebrate until it’s over. Let’s not do that this year. Advent helps us all unify as Jesus’ church to worship Jesus AND create a daily rhythm of time with God in the middle of that busyness. This celebration is all about Him, so let’s keep our focus on Him the whole time. And… it will be fun.

Is this linked to the traditional advent candle/wreath thing?

Our Advent journey is not coordinated with the traditional candle-lighting of advent, no. Our heart is the same – to celebrate and anticipate the arrival of Jesus on earth, but we are not providing (and you’re not doing anything wrong if you don’t include) any candles or such.

What is the “Advent Guide?”

It is a book, written by our pastors and leaders! It will lead us through the Advent season with daily (hopefully) thought-provoking readings and questions. They’re all designed to do one thing: guide our attention to Jesus and everything He’s come to do in this world… in us!

Does it cost anything?

No! Our online e-book “Anything & Everything, an Advent Guide” is available as a free download on our website. Our printed copies are also available for free in our services.

How do I get a copy?

You can find our e-book on our website! Our printed copies will be available in our services Sunday, Dec 2.

Anything & Everything

Jesus came to change everything… to redeem everything that was broken and restore us. His love is better than anything. And so as our worship is our response to who God is and what He’s done, we want to worship Jesus for what He did! Let’s worship through the season with this sneak peak at a new song from our worship teams!

Anything & Everything

by Real Life Worship | Anything & Everything

Let’s Worship Together This Season!

We have put together some playlists to go along with this advent / Christmas season.  Click the button below to worship together!

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